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Feb 3rd SpamExpert

Protect your email from spam, viruses, phishing, and malwareThe time lost to spam will be reduced to a minimum with this powerful Anti-Spam filter. Big business technologyProtect your business from viruses and spam with the best 2018 technology on the market. Effective email account protection against spam, viruses, impersonation, phishing, and ... Read More »

Nov 24th BlackFriday ! Everything's 50% Off !

Black Friday

Jan 28th The GHOST Vulnerability

The GHOST vulnerability is a serious weakness in the Linux glibc library. It allows attackers to remotely take complete control of the victim system without having any prior knowledge of system credentials. CVE-2015-0235 has been assigned to this issue. Qualys security researchers discovered this bug and worked closely with Linux distribution ... Read More »

Nov 27th BlackFriday ! Everything's 50% Off !

Black Friday

Nov 5th Pre-Register

What is it ? The letters following the dot in a Web address are called the suffix or TLD (Top-Level Domain). In recent years, the exponential growth of the Internet has made it necessary to introduce more and more of these suffixes to facilitate local and international on-line searches. Such TLDs may identify continents, geographic areas, ... Read More »

May 14th Special Promotion

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Apr 20th Reliable and Affordable VPS Hosting in Europe

Virtual Private Server (VPS)   Delivering 100% uptime and performance of dedicated server, our VPS Hosting gives you more power than shared hosting. Our VPS hosting solutions are affordable and easy to manage. A Virtual Private server can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming, virtual (i.e., shared) hosting, and hosting ... Read More »

Apr 8th Heartbleed security patches coming fast and furious

Security researchers revealed the "Heartbleed" bug this week, a vulnerability that affects one of the most commonly used encryption software programs in the world. Here are five things you need to know about the bug, including how to protect yourself.What is it?The "Heartbleed" bug affects OpenSSL, a widely used open-source software program used ... Read More »

Mar 17th Hosting Promotion

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Mar 1st Website Promotionn

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