Just one week after the official start of the summer, cPanel has just released all its customers from the summer torpor by announcing by surprise a more than significant increase in the price of its effective license immediately.

cPanel's original pricing structure was around 20 years ago and certainly required updating. However, cPanel's new owner, private investment fund firm Oakley Capital, decided it was time to put his investment to work by doubling the price of a license, overnight and without having warned any of its partners and customers in advance ...

Finally, finished the annual or multi-year licenses, and finished the licenses with a number of unlimited accounts. Licenses are now billed monthly and based on the number of accounts, based on 3 pricing, Admin (up to 5 accounts), Pro (up to 30 accounts) and Premier (up to 100 accounts)

The forum of cPanel and twitter immediately fell under the examples of disgruntled hosts. A web host with 6 servers and 800 accounts per server sees the cost of its licenses increase from $ 180 to $ 840 per month. Another sees the cost of its links increase by 800% overnight.

Fixed Account Licensing Model
If you prefer fixed price packages, where there is a hard account limit per licensing plan, we have created several fixed account packages:

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Total
cPanel® Admin Fixed Cloud Only Up to 5 $20
cPanel® Pro Fixed Cloud Only Up to 30 $30
Premier Fixed 100 Cloud & Metal Up to 100 $45
Premier Fixed 150 Cloud & Metal Up to 150 $55
Premier Fixed 200 Cloud & Metal Up to 200 $65
Premier Fixed 250 Cloud & Metal Up to 250 $75
Premier Fixed 300 Cloud & Metal Up to 300 $85
Premier Fixed 350 Cloud & Metal Up to 350 $95
Premier Fixed 400 Cloud & Metal Up to 400 $105
Premier Fixed 450 Cloud & Metal Up to 450 $115
Premier Fixed 500 Cloud & Metal Up to 500 $125

*Customers who have greater than 500 cPanel® accounts on a cPanel® license will need to purchase a cPanel® Premier Flex plan.

Fixed Account Licensing Upgrades
When a licensed server reaches the account limit of any fixed plan, an upgrade is required in order to add more accounts to that server. Upgrading between two fixed plans will require payment of the difference in price between the two fixed plans. For example, upgrading from cPanel® Admin Fixed ($20/month) to cPanel® Pro Fixed ($30/month) will cost $10 to upgrade. Please note we are unable to prorate upgrades that occur in the middle of your monthly billing cycle.

Flexible Account Licensing Model
If you would like to avoid the need to upgrade between larger fixed price packages, the cPanel® Premier Flex plan is for you:

cPanel® Plan Name Platform Account Limit Base Price
(Up to 100 accounts)
Bulk Account Price
(Over 100 accounts)
cPanel® Premier Flex Cloud & Metal 100+ $45 +$0.20/account $45 + Bulk Accounts

For example, if you have a Metal server that has 150 accounts, your monthly cPanel® licensing expense will be $45 + $10 (50 bulk accounts x $0.20 per account = $10) = $55/month. Pricing in USD.

Flexible Account Invoicing

If you choose to have the cPanel® Premier flexible account plan, your initial order will be invoiced for the prorated amount of the base price to the next closest 15th of the month. On each 15th of the month, you will be invoiced for the base price of $45 plus $0.20 per account for all accounts over 100 accounts. If you have 100 accounts or less you will only be invoiced for the base price of $45.

For example, if you signed up on the 1st of the month and have 150 accounts on your licensed server as of the 15th of that same month, you would be invoiced for $22.50 on the 1st (base price of $45 prorated to the 15th). Then on the 15th of that month, you will be invoiced for the base price of $45 plus $10 for your bulk accounts over 100 accounts (50 accounts x $0.20) for a total invoice amount due of $55. Going forward, you would simply continue to receive one invoice on the 1st of each month.

Due to the variable cost of the additional accounts billed on the 1st, we highly recommend customers keep a payment method on file (credit card or PayPal billing agreement) to avoid service disruption due to non-payment.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

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