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Price list for domain names

ID Protect

You will be better protected against spammers (spammers) and identity theft if you opt for the activation of identity protection. Of course, you remain the owner of your domain name and you retain the rights to use.

Only at $9.99 / year and $0 with .CA


Web Hosting

A secure hosting, very fast and near to you!

Start at

$3.95 /mo*

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Cloud Servers

Easy to manage the professional Web hosting .

Start at

$9.95 /mo*

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Dedicated Servers

Power, redundancy and speed are guaranteed.

Start at

$45 /mo*

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* Prices are in US dollar USD. The rate of exchange used to convert the amount of your transaction in Canadian dollars is based on the current rate at the date of the transaction
** The cost of restoration of a domain expired after 30 days amounts to $250 USD
** We accept Bitcoin! You can buy any hosting plan using Bitcoin simple and easy